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Terms and conditions

1. The Hirer agrees to pay the 25% of the damage claim if the driver is the less than 25 years old and/or if the driving license is less than 1 year old.

2. Mileage per km is limited between 200 to 250 per day , depending on car model ,  as per rental agreement. Any overage of the state mileage for specified rental days shall be chargeable AED 20/km for sports car, luxury Car 10 AED/km.

3. AED 5 fee will be charged each time the vehicle passes through the salik toll and fuel will be charged on consumption in case the client return empty a amount of 500 AED will be charged from the client.

4. All fines incurred by the hirer are his/her liability and will be charged with a 10% administration fee. Incase if vehicle is impounded by the authorities for any violation of the customer will be liable to compensate Prodige car rental L.L.C for both the impounding charges and loss of rental.

5. Damage ‘resulting form off – road driving is not covered by vehicle’s insurance. Hence, full cost of such damage is borne by the hirer at all times.

6. In the event of accident, loss, Impounding, damage and/or theft of the vehicle or parts of the vehicle due to no-compliance with the traffic rules and regulations and / or applied laws, Prodige Car rental has the right to charge compensation for loss of income corresponding to the 50% of the daily rental per day, until the time the rented or new car is at the disposal of the company.

7. The hirer hereby accepts that the vehicle is delivered to him in good overall conditions (as per the check-out list duly signed by the hirer) without defects. Unless a police reports is submitted, the full cost of any damages occurred during the rentals period will be borne by the Hirer at all times.

8. The under carriage, Tyres, wind shield outsides and driving off-road are not covered by the vehicle insurance, hence the full cost of the said damages shall be borne by the Hirer at all times.

9. The Security Deposit amount will be blocked on customer’s credit card or hold by cash in our office This amount will be accessed in the event of damage and/ or fines and/ or insurance, and excess km. 

10. The undersigned (hirer/guarantor/additional driver) Confirms full acceptance of all the terms and conditions printed on the reverse page of rental agreement and undertakes to settle any amount accrued in the event of the above cases which may occur.

11. This Rental agreement binds over the person(s) companies whose signature is showing herein.

12. If the customer faults the he have to pay 10% damage claim as per the insurance policy.

13. The Hirer is expected to take good care of the hired vehicle and in particular abstain from.

14. The Hirer agrees to pay for all traffic fines parking tickets during the period of the rental, and the company reserves the right within two years of the end of such `rental to claim any such unpaid amounts from the hirer.

15. The Hirer shall indemnify the company against all claims arising during the hire period.

16. If the hirer rent a car on a special weekly or monthly rate and thereafter terminates the rental prematurely the special rate is automatically terminated and hirer is liable to pay the daily rental rate. Similarly if the hirer holds the car exceeding the agreed rental period the excess days will be charged at the daily rate unless an extension is made and the agreement is renewed.

17. The hirer will be responsible for “overhead damage caused by hitting restricted height barriers or other low objects which is not covered by the insurance and will be recovered from the hirer” underneath damage causes by the hirer in hitting speed bumbs. high Kerbs, or any other underneath Damage where a police reports is not present.

18. The Hirer-agrees to compensate the company for any damage caused for rims, wheel cups, hubs, vehicle carriage, windscreen tires whilst the vehicle is in the possession of the hirers well as for any damage not recoverable by the insurers of the vehicle.

19. Driving the vehicle under the influence of Alcohol, Drugs, Narcotics, Barbitura Tesorany other substance imparing the conscious or ability to react whereas no claim can be accepted and covered.